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Donations to political parties by donor category – update

The Electoral Commission published the donations to political parties for the fourth quarter of 2009 yesterday, so I have updated the tables of donations by donor category to include 2009.

The stats on the Labour Party show a decline in individual donations. A considerable proportion of the £3.6 million from individuals were in large donations from a single source: Nigel Doughty gave £1.26 million, Lord Sainsbury gave over £1 million and Ronald Cohen gave £500,000. The trade union funding remains relatively stable, and funds from companies and unincorporated associations remain low. Its largest company donations were £100k from Hillside (New Media) Limited and £78k (through advertising services) from Saatchi and Saatchi.

The Conservatives received over £18 million in 2009 from individual donors. Again some large individual donors. Stanley Fink gave more than £1.5 million over 2009. David Rowland gave just under £2 million in that year. Michael Farmer gave £928,000. Of the individual donations, £7.4 million came in the final quarter of the year – which is unsurprising given the pre-campaign fundraising drive. Of the companies IPGL Ltd gave £690,000. Over the year JCB Research gave £265k. And no summary of donations would be complete without a reference to Bearwood Corporate Services, which gave £329,858 in 2009.

The Liberal Democrats had a relatively good year for individual donations – this source of funds was nearly equal to the amount received in public money. Their biggest individual donor was Lord Alliance who gave £250k. Much of its company donations came from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.

Hedging of bets taking place with some companies donating to more than one party. In October 2009, Selfridges donated £10k to Labour and £30k to the Conservatives. Over the year, Canary Wharf donated £35k to Labour and £15k to the Conservatives. Asda gave nearly £15k to Labour and £7k in sponsorship to the Conservatives. Bloomberg Tradebook Europe gave £28k to Labour and £25k to the Lib Dems. Tesco gave £17k to Labour in sponsorship and £6k to the Lib Dems.

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