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Donations to parties in week 2 of the campaign

In the second week of the campaign, political parties received over £3.8 million in donations reported to the Electoral Commission. The Conservatives reported 47 donations which added up to £2.2 million, Labour reported 14 donations coming to a total of £1.49 million, and Lib Dems received 3 donations totaling £120k. This is not the total donation income, but only those donations above the threshold for reporting to the central party (and doesn’t include donations to constituency parties or candidates).

Many of the big donors are familiar, such JCB Research’s £250k to the Conservative Party, which also received significant sums from a number of past individual donors. The Labour Party received £400k from Amshold Group Ltd, £200k from Sir Gulam Noon, and £500k from USDAW. The biggest Lib Dem donation, £95k, came from Alpha Healthcare Limited.

Given the post-debate attention given to the Lib Dems, it is surprising they did not receive more money. However, these figures do not include smaller donations that do not need to be disclosed, so the figures don’t show whether any of the parties have benefitted from a surge in small sums.

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